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Flexbark Series

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About Flexbark

The FLEXBARK division is the state-of-the art environmental replication of artificial bark and trees developed by Replications Unlimited. It is the result of a unique polyurethane elastomeric material and an innovative production process to create the most realistic artificial tree bark available. Now artificial tree bark can be quickly created with texture and coloring so realistic it can easily fool the best botanist. 

Conventional methods of artificial tree bark fabrication involve applying Shotcrete®/concrete or an epoxy mastic to the "tree-like" form. This is followed by labor-intensive embossing or hand-carving the material to resemble tree bark. 
Still other tree artificial tree fabrication methods involved creating a polyester fiberglass mold of a tree trunk andlimbs. An effective process, however you are limited to a few shapes and styles of tree. The FLEX-BARK system frees up a designer or fabricator to create any size, shape or kind of tree imaginable. Our fabrication process is truly unique. For starters, a flexible mold is taken from an existing tree to capture every detail and texture nature has created. From these molds, flexible "sheets" of bark are produced using Replication Unlimited's spray-applied elastomer system. This material fully penetrates every crevices and detail to exactly replicate the master tree. The final color of the artificial bark is accomplished with our multi-tone process. These stains allow the fabricator to duplicate the appearance of the original tree, alter its color to fit a particular environment or create a special effect. Now museum quality trees can be created for interior and exterior store displays, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants and any location requiring imitation trees. This is possible because our artificial bark provides the highest level of realism in the form of a lightweight, highly weather resistant, Class A Fire Retardant system.